Time and space for your personal questions, wishes, maybe even reservations: in theory and practice, our coach can fully respond to you and advance your SUP skills, no matter what level you are already paddling. Also highly recommended for advanced paddlers with their own board!

duration: 60 min.

90 € for 1 person or 110 € for 2 people (incl. board, paddle + life vest)
wetsuit rental 3 €

d at e s :
only Monday-Friday
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Basically, around 3 units are required in order to grasp the facets of the sport of stand-up paddling and to guide your own paddling technique towards effectiveness. Just for a safe, effective straight-ahead stroke, the trainer can turn an astonishing number of “adjusting screws” and there are also various control strokes. Since this is a lot at once, both physically and mentally, we have divided the course into two:

  1. Basic I: The basic paddling technique and strokes (forward, stop, sweep, and crossbow) and important topics such as safety and driving rules are taught in the first beginner’s course.
  2. Practice: After the course, we recommend practicing the paddling technique you have learned and to train your board feeling.
  3. Basic II: Then you are ready for the advanced course. Now we are refining your paddling technique so that it works especially when it matters: in situations when the weather changes, it gets windy or even a thunderstorm, you may have to rush to help others, etc. SUP is water sports and on a relatively large lake like the Starnberger See it can also lead to unforeseen situations. We arm you for this and answer all questions about other SUP topics such as tour tips, material, and again and again: safety.

Do I need a SUP lesson or can I just paddle on my own initiative?
Every paddle guest gets a short safety instruction and we also show 3 basic paddle strokes, then you can paddle on your own.

The benefit of a course
In a little while you learn SO MUCH MORE about this versatile sport, learn how to effectively paddle from your abdominal muscles and not with your arms and shoulders. You will be able to navigate your board in a small space and also to paddle effectively against strong wind. The safety aspects are deepened because one thing is quickly forgotten: Water sports can also be dangerous and there are navigation rules that also serve to protect yourself. Afterwards you will know a lot more about the basic strokes (including what you can do wrong) than if you paddled off without knowledge. We, therefore, recommend taking at least one course. The topic of how do I prepare if I want to “paddle independently on unfamiliar waters” is also dealt with.

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