Weather forecast

The following applies to reservations/bookings: From two days before the booking date, one can assume a reasonably reliable weather forecast. In the event of continuous rain, storms or thunderstorms, WE will contact you (at least one day in advance by email or SMS) and you can rebook to another date. Therefore we need a mobile number. In the case of scheduled events such as bachelor parties, company events, etc. we understand if it is not possible to rebook and cancel in bad weather free of charge.

If we have to cancel the event due to heavy rain or storm warning, there will be no costs for you. So please also plan an alternative program. In the case, that it is not us canceling the event but the group themselves, the following amount will be charged:

  • up to 10 days prior to the event – no costs – except the booking fee = 4.5%
  • 9-3 days prior to the event – 60% of the total
  • from 2 days prior to the event or in the case of nonappearance – 100% of the total will be charged

The reimbursement is in the form of a voucher that is valid for 3 years.
If you want a refund, you have to indicate this in writing; the system costs of 4.5% of the sales value are deducted for online tickets and an additional 3% of the sales value for PayPal refunds.
Please cancel the event in writing via email. Anyone who cancels at short notice, i.e. 1 day before the event or on the day of the event, must also send an SMS/WhatsApp!


We do not charge anything for rebooking due to weather or illness.
For a rebooking for private reasons, we charge 1 € per ticket.
In order to avoid cancellation costs, we will be happy to find a possible replacement date up to 2 days before the date of the event.
In the event of illness, there are no cancellation costs if a medical certificate is presented.