duration: 90 min.

30 € incl. board, paddle + life vest
wetsuit rental 3 €

The versatile water sports stand-up paddling (SUP) is very easy to learn and trains every muscle in the body. To do this you stand on a very large, stable board and move with a long paddle over the water – depending on your mood comfortable-relaxed or fast as fitness training. Contact fears are unnecessary. SUP offers fun for every level of fitness and all ages. It is particularly gentle on the joints and you train balance and coordination while enjoying nature. No matter if you ever stand on a paddleboard or not, our coach will teach you the basics of stand up paddling.

Do I need a SUP lesson or can I just paddle on my own initiative?
Every paddle guest gets a short safety instruction and we also show 3 basic paddle strokes, then you can paddle on your own.

The benefit of a course
In a little while you learn SO MUCH MORE about this versatile sport, learn how to effectively paddle from your abdominal muscles and not with your arms and shoulders. You will be able to navigate your board in small space and also to paddle effectively against strong wind. The safety aspects are deepened because one thing is quickly forgotten: water sports can also be dangerous and there are navigation rules that also serve to protect yourself. Afterwards you will know a lot more about the basic stroke and the tax strokes alone (including what you can do wrong) than if you paddled off without knowledge. We therefore recommend taking at least one course. The topic of how do I prepare if I want to “paddle independently on unfamiliar waters” is also dealt with.

For groups of 6 people or more, we offer individual SUP courses at a special price. In addition to paddling technique, SUP fitness & SUP yoga are also possible.

You can book the course group below and then email us which focus you would like: paddling technique, yoga, fitness, team games, etc.

Cancellation policy:
If we have to cancel the event due to heavy rain or storm warning, there will be no costs for you. So please also plan an alternative program. In the case, that it is not us canceling the event but the group themselves, the following amount will be charged:

  • up to 7 days prior to the event – no costs except the booking fee = 3,5%
  • 6-3 days prior to the event – 60% of the total
  • from 2 days prior to the event or in the case of nonappearance – 100% of the total will be charged